The Possibility of Renting Property in Dubai

Renting can be an affordable way of staying in a luxurious city. This is the case with Dubai, where the apartments cost a great deal to buy. This is because you will be around exclusive populations and soaking up luxury all around you. There is some very exclusive apartment for rent in Dubai Marina. Ones that many will dream of renting, let alone owning. You can rent your apartment while you establish yourself in this magnificent city and look to make your fortune here.

The Choice of Apartments

A tower environment will provide you the height to experience the magnificent view of Dubai and its appealingly created marina area. It is a wonderful environment in which to experience the vibrancy of life, alongside the pleasant sea view of relaxation.

You can consider apartments that are around 800 square feet or extend to one that is over 2,000. The choice is yours. The availability is there but you do need to move quickly because there is much competition for the apartments here. In terms of price, you might be looking at something around 90,000 to 120,000 AED.

Understanding the Currency

AED stands for Arab Emirates dirham. This is also known by many locals as Emirati dirham. This is the currency of the United Arab Emirates. It is subdivided into 100 fils. It pays to know the currency and to be able to convert it to and from your own so that you know you are renting for a fair price.

Because the AED is linked to the US dollar, it is one of the strongest currencies in the world. Living in Dubai, and having AED as your currency, will put you in a good position compared to other countries that have weaker and less stable currencies. This will be particularly important if you are in business and running it from Dubai. You may be renting because you do not know how your business will take off. Renting does suggest that you are only staying temporarily. However, having said that, many people rent for all of their lives. It is tempting to in Dubai. Particularly when you have the marina area to enjoy at your leisure.

Understanding Dubai

In Dubai, the marina is the exclusive place to live. You have the pleasures of relaxation there and the adventures of water sports to enjoy. Most, by choice, would live with a sea view. It is mentally relaxing and also brings you near to the kinds of physical activities that will keep you fit. That is if you take part in them and enjoy them regularly as pastimes.

With the marina, will come the beach area to enjoy. You can be a part of this community as a resident and so also benefit from two beaches close by. You can relax on one or both of them at various times during the day.

For those into boating, the marina is filled with luxury yachts of the rich and famous. It is another world. You can liken it to Monaco, which you may have seen on television while watching F1 motorsport. It is a similar environment of luxury and boating pleasure.

The temperature in Dubai is warm and you can enjoy it on a sun-soaked beach. The one beach, which is opposite JBR (another beach), is the beachfront boulevard. This accommodates both retail and dining. Here, you can take advantage of 600m of running track and lots of outdoor exercise equipment to keep you fit. That will work off dining to any amount of excess. The food is so tempting in Dubai.

At weekends, there will be frequently hosted events that will include live music, street art, and fireworks. You will even see BMX biking and carnivals taking place. This adds to the vibrancy of the city. There is always something of interest happening. Dubai is not somewhere to ever feel bored. It is one of the most interesting places in the world to set up a home. That is whether you rent or buy.

Bearing all of the above in mind, Dubai does seem like the place to be.

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