5 Simple Hacks to Travel Lighter

It’s difficult to think one can leave their home for a two week trip with just a suitcase that is half packed. What if you don’t carry an extra pair of boots and it surprisingly rains even if it’s not a wet season in the city you’re visiting? What if you don’t carry your hair drier thinking you will get one at your destination but don’t?

Most people have the fear of being caught unprepared in a new place and as a result, cling to their possessions wherever they go.  But what is the use of travelling with the snippets of the very life you’re taking a vacation from?  Having room in your suitcase or backpack will give you plenty of space to adventure and pack more souvenirs and bounties whether you’re on a trip for an extended period of time or on a short trip. Here are simple hacks to help you pack and travel lighter.

Write a list of the most important things and their weight

From the pair of socks to the water bottle through to the sleeping bag, a list of the important things will help you to reflect on their importance. Categorize the list in terms of things that will go to the main section of the bag and those that go to the sides. Assuming you already know the expected weather condition on the days that you will travel, pack only the clothes necessary. To travel lighter means you don’t carry heavy coats and jackets when traveling in summer. Also, whether on a long or short journey, it’s not necessary to carry consumable such as food, water, shampoo, toothpaste, and soap because you are bound to get this where you’re going.

Ask the ‘what if’ question

In order to travel lighter, you must confront the ‘what if’ question that always represents some fear of being unattached to your belongings. But instead of asking ‘what if I leave this French press and need it later’ ask, ‘what if I style my hair in a manner that it won’t need a French press?’. What this means is that you will try to carry out all due diligence like fixing your weave before travelling. If you need hair services later in your trip, you can simply tour the new location and find the best salons offering the services.

Plan your trip around the fact that you have packed less

Adjust your trip schedule to accommodate the fact that you have packed less. This means you should learn your surrounding before travelling. Know what the locals offer and things that you can leave behind and will be able to purchase at a cheap price. Make smart booking choices, only giving priority to accommodations offering the amenities you will need. Find accommodation with laundry services so that you can pack fewer clothes, and those with towels, curling irons, straighteners, and hair dryers.

Go Digital

In this digital era, you can carry around with your entertainment and information in a single gadget. But going digital can either increases or decrease the weight of your baggage. You don’t have to carry all your electronics. If you’re not going to work for example you don’t have to carry the laptop. You can simply carry your iPad or tab and get a hotel with free Wi-Fi from where you can check your emails.  You also don’t have to carry pocket directories, phrase-books, guidebooks or paper maps since you can find apps for all of these.

Use the 80/20 Law of traveling (Law of Pareto)

According to this law, most travellers will only utilize 20% of their bag 80% of the time and only use 80% of the bag 20% of the time. Following this rule, identify the category of items that you will mostly use and cut on the second category of thing ‘you may need’.  If for example, you will suspect that you will only go for one movie night and will need your woolen sweater, don’t carry it because you could always purchase another sweater if you end up going for that movie night.

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