5 Fun Things to do in Orlando With Kids

The most obvious thing to do with kids in Orlando is to enjoy the theme parks. For most kids this is a once in a lifetime adventure and probably the highlight of their year or childhood. But whether you’ve already been to the theme parks, or just want some other activities to do in the days between, here are my top 5 fun things to do in Orlando with kids besides the theme parks. If you’re heading to Orlando, be sure to get a Orlando rental car to be able to easily get between attractions.

1. Kennedy Space Center

Many kids develop a fascination with space – and many adults too – after all it’s a whole other world out there, full of possibilities and unknowns. This is a wonderful space center, dedicated to all things space! One of the best things to do here is the rocket garden tour, seeing rockets really puts it in perspective how big they are. There are other exhibits, many of which are changing, just be warned there’s so much to do and see here you might not fit it all in during a day visit. 

2. Wonderworks  

This is one of those attractions that is likely to appeal to visitors of all ages. It can make the perfect place to visit on a date without kids, but seeing as this article is about fun stuff for kids, let’s mention what your kids are likely to love. There’s a fun bubble room that’s sure to keep the youngest visitors thoroughly entertained. For older kids, there are other things that are a bit more challenging like the Flight Simulator Coaster. If you’re planning a visit here, check out discount sites to save on ticket prices.

3. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

This is a great place to spend walking around for an hour or two. It’s basically a museum of weird and strange things collected from all around the world. It can be the perfect thing to do on a rainy day in Orlando, and is a wonderful choice if your children like weird facts.

4. Busch Gardens

This is a nature reserve meets theme park, and because it’s not one of the big theme parks I figured it could make the list. With over 12,000 animals to see, it’s the perfect place for kids who love exotic animals. It’s a great place to go with children of different ages as you’re bound to find something each of them will love. Be sure to check out Chetah Hunt, many people comment it’s their favourite ride.

5. Museum of Science & Industry

I love visiting educational places with my children when we’re traveling. It’s a great contrast to the usual tourist attractions and provides an opportunity for us to learn and engage together. Here you’ll find exhibits that really interest children, such as a bike on a tightrope, paper rockets and even flying drones. There’s also a virtual reality ride here that is a real hit with children.

With a rental car Orlando you can easily get yourself between these great attractions, ensuring that you spend more time exploring than sitting in public transport. 

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