Best iPhone Apps for Traveling

Many of us don’t even remember how traveling felt before smartphones – or cellphones, for that matter. The idea of calling home from a hotel room may seem outrageous now, but it was exactly what people did until not very long ago (and paid outrageous fees for it!).

Thankfully for the modern traveler, smartphones are here to stay – and they can provide you with so much help when you’re away from home!

What are the best iPhone apps for traveling? We have gathered some suggestions right below – so read on and find out more.


This cute app is not another game craze – it’s actually a very useful app for recurrent and long-term travelers looking for the best plane ticket price. The app claims to help people save as much as 40% on their plane tickets by scanning all options and notifying you on the best time to buy a ticket (so that you buy it at the lowest price). The app can be downloaded for free on iPhones – and it can be a true gemstone when you’re a thrifty traveler!

Hotel Tonight

If you find yourself in the situation of looking for a last-minute accommodation, Hotel Tonight is what you need. This app focuses solely on last minute deals, helping travelers stuck in transit (or whose AirBNB plans failed) find a night of accommodation at a more than decent price. Cool, right?


OK, this one should be a basic app in every phone, regardless of how much you travel and where you are in the world. Uber is available in most parts of the world now, and it’s probably the safest way to get around a city (in many places, it’s regarded better than local taxi companies, which can sometimes be confusing for travelers).


Need we say more? This is the first app you should install when planning to travel more. AirBNB accommodation is frequently a lot cheaper than traditional hotels, but it offers excellent quality and a wide range of options for travelers of all kinds – so why wouldn’t you love using it?

Google Maps

This app comes preinstalled on all Android devices, but you will have to download it yourself for an iPhone device. Of course, iOS offers their own map service – but truth be told, it’s not as great as Google Maps. This app will show you how to get around in most cities around the world – regardless of whether you’re driving, walking, or cycling to your destination. With a high rate of accuracy and being extremely easy (and free) to use, Google Maps wins the navigation game in the smartphone industry.


Planning to travel for more than just a few days? Learning a few phrases in the language of the country you’re visiting can make everything so much easier for you! Duolingo is a free app that offers excellent language courses in many of the world’s languages – so you can actually use this to learn a few words before your trip!

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