The Value of Email Marketing Summarized In 5 Fields

A lot of companies are now putting their time and effort into social media marketing. While this new form of marketing is effective and viable for reaching out to consumers, companies must also not forget that there are other ways to promote their brand online. One of the most effective yet most overlooked forms of advertising online is through is email marketing.

At its core, email marketing is simply about reaching an audience through their email accounts. Of course, this form of marketing isn’t just about spamming customers with generic emails. It also means sending out personalized emails to all people on a mailing list. Here’s why this form of marketing is more valuable than ever.

Cost Efficient and Effective Method of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing comes at quite the expense as there are various programs to use and the fees that certain developers ask for are hefty. Other traditional forms of marketing like TV ads are even more effective. Meanwhile, print and radio ads are outdated and are no longer as effective as they used to be.

Email marketing is the most economical option for small businesses. It is also effective as almost everyone with a social media account has an email as well. Although these services from top brands like aren’t free, what businesses get in return is more than enough to pay back the investment they made.

Connect with The Audience on a Deeper Level

Spam emails are almost always ignored by consumers, but it is a completely different story when the email they receive are personalized. Companies that make use of personalized emails to approach their customers are able to create a loyal and devoted following behind them. Personalized emails don’t mean that the message should contain topics that tackle private matters. Something as simple as adding a recipient’s name to the body of the email already goes a long way.

Mailing Lists Makes It Easier to Keep Track Of Loyal Customers

Thanks to mailing lists, it is easier for companies to keep track of the customers they reach out to. This is one thing that social media marketing lacks as the numbers are crunched down by the bulk and not individually. In some cases, people even have multiple accounts, whereas, in emails, people only have one.

Analysis of Data Is Much Simpler and More Accurate

Another great benefit of email marketing is that it is very easy to analyze the results of the acquired data. Companies simply have to check which recipients responded to their email and they can quickly narrow down the rest of the audience that they need to approach. It will also be easier to see if a certain campaign is effective or not.

Social media marketing often relies on likes, shares, and comments to measure the effectivity of a campaign. However, it doesn’t take much to tap the like button so determining whether or not the person really read through the entire ad is almost impossible. On the other hand, responding to an email requires more effort. If a target responds to an email with a proper answer, then that means he fully understands the message that was sent to him.

It Is Just as Accessible as Social Media

Thanks to the rise of emailing apps, it is now easier to access our emails. We can access our inbox with a single tap. For companies that means their target audience will have a higher probability of reaching out to them once they are approached.

Email marketing may sound outdated and ineffective but its worth for companies and small businesses is staggering. If executed properly, brands can make major gains through this traditional by dynamic form of marketing.

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