Five interior design rules that are meant to be broken

When it comes to interior design, rules are meant to be broken. Challenging these conventional design ideas, by playing with everything from colour to space, will produce a unique area that reflects your personal style. Design cannot be quantified by unwritten rules, so let your creativity flow and break the mould by shunning these regulations and embracing your individuality.

  1. Make sure your furniture matches

Sure, matching furniture sets can create a uniform and stream lined interior, but you may find your room replicates the lifeless photographs in the furniture catalog. Rather than choosing furniture that looks ‘copied and pasted’, select items that harmonise and complement one another. For example, style your bespoke fitted wardrobes alongside an antique dressing table and stool. The wardrobes will provide a practical storage solution, whilst the complimentary dresser will add a touch of character to your bedroom.

  1. Don’t mix patterns

The biggest myth in interior design is to avoid clashing fabrics, however, combining different colours, finishes and patterns can work together to create a homely setting. For example, by ensuring tonal consistency you can mix any patterns you like, as the harmonious colour palette will prevent the space from looking too busy and the mismatched patterns will create texture and warmth. Pairing two entirely different design elements can actually work together to create a cohesive finish.

  1. Stick with one theme

It might seem logical to stick to a consistent décor style throughout, however, mixing in styles from different eras can work together to create an eclectic design. For example, by pairing modern kitchen cabinets and worktops with a rustic dining table, you’ll create an industrial-chic look that is visually interesting and reflects your personality. Just be sure to tie the look together with mixed accessories. In this case, you might choose geometric pendant lighting in a copper tone, or maybe you’ll add a minimal canvas behind the dining area to juxtapose the country feel of the table.

  1. Bathrooms should be white

Whilst nothing looks cleaner than a crisp white bathroom suite, you run the risk of it looking clinical. Now, we’re not proposing you revert to the avocado suite that dominated the 70’s, but the bathroom offers a unique space to be creative with. A white suite is classic, but why not offset it with a bold tile in a contrasting grey slate with metallic trim. You’ll still achieve the clean look of a neutral colour palette, but you won’t end up with a bathroom that resembles a laboratory. If you’re brave, why not go for a bold feature wall in daring red, or regal blue? You can contrast it with a large mirror to open the space and accessorise with complimentary toned towels.

  1. Keep it clutter free

A key rule in interior design is to keep clutter to a minimum. But, without your knick-knacks your house loses its sense of home. Clutter doesn’t have to equal mess. If you choose accessories that compliment your décor and ensure everything has its place, there’s no harm in having things out on display – although your dusting routine may take longer! This is only a small price to pay, however, as large amounts of dust attract pests – which you do not want in your home. By leaving clutter and dust around the premises, you are more likely to need the assistance of exterminators near oklahoma (or exterminators wherever you are based) to come and solve the issue.

When it comes to interior design you have the freedom to be as creative as you like. Your home is a reflection of yourself, so ditch the magazines that tell you what not to do and make your own rules!

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