Here are 10 ways to make yourself more productive

Utilizing every minute of your workday to get things done efficiently paves the way for success. To do this, you have to work on your productivity levels and ensure that they are not impaired by anything. Here are ten tips that will help you here:

1. Start your day early with a planning session:

Even if you are the owner, get to work early. This gives you some uninterrupted planning time before the distractions begin. Make a schedule for the day covering all your critical tasks and follow it diligently. Have weekly and monthly to-do lists set up that help you track what needs to be done periodically. Make checklists for all critical activities to do in the day. That way, you do not miss out on anything of importance.

2. Use tools that help you stay on track:

Reminders/alarms or software that lets you track the performance of your team or your financials are invaluable aids. Use every available tool that you can get to make things easy and streamline processes. Tools make tasks easier and quicker and free up time that can be spent on more productive things. They also help you eliminate the need to retain items in memory, which can lead to further pressure if you are already hard-pressed for time. For example, ndis software for sole traders can be useful for streamlining billing processes, allowing more time for you to focus on patient care.

3. Identify critical areas with every project:

With every project you take up, there is a critical area where you need to invest maximum attention so that the rest, the routine stuff falls, in place. 

Identify this core area at the outset and focus your maximum energy here, and you will complete the job with optimal effort and maximum output.

4. Keep yourself in great physical and mental health:

Invest time in yourself so that you are not bogged down by health issues or stress. These can blunt your edge and make you unproductive. Get enough sleep, eat well, exercise well, and stay fit so that you can give your best at work. If you do find yourself struggling with things like sleep, you may wish to look into a natural supplement to help you relax in the evening. You can check out the products over at to see what they have on offer and whether this could be an option for you. 

5. Work most during your best hours:

Everyone has a ‘most productive’ phase during the day. The hours may differ from person to person, and it is up to you to figure out when your mind works at its best, and you are raring to go. Take up your most challenging task of the day during this phase so that you can get the lion’s share of the work done.

6. Avoid distractions:

Be it phone calls, or emails, visitors, meetings, or social media, shut it all off when you are focusing on crucial work. You can get back to these during your break times. Avoid working too many hours without a break, though, because you could suffer from mental fatigue that reduces your productivity.

7. Delegate non-crucial tasks:

Often, you spend an unnecessary amount of time doing tasks that are routine and can be done by virtually anyone. Invest time in training someone to do these and then delegate these to them. This frees you up to focus on critical tasks that make a difference to your business. This also ensures you do not clutter up your mind thinking of tasks that do not need your expertise.

8. Problem solve from the roots:

When you are facing a problem, go to the root of it instead of finding band-aid solutions that will temporarily tide you over. Identifying and resolving the root cause saves you time in the long run by eliminating the problem once and for all. It helps your business by addressing an inefficiency that could hurt it substantially if allowed to grow.

9. Hire a great team:

Ensuring that your team is made up of skilled, competent, passionate people allows you the luxury of leaving things in their hands. Ensure that your team shares your dream and matches your work ethics and credo. This saves you the time taken in helping them acclimatize to your ideas. With a trustworthy team backing you, you have people to share the load so that you can concentrate on how to take your business forward.

10. Cover financial risks in advance:

The prospect of losing money is a nightmare for any business owner. As a tradesman with a sole trader business, one of the biggest financial risks you face arises from disgruntled clients. Claims by unhappy clients saying that you caused some damage to them or their property can end with you paying out damages that can ruin your business.

The right kind of public liability insurance paired with other insurance covers may keep you safe in this respect. This lets you focus all your energies on improving your business instead of being distracted by the potential financial drain. Learn more about public liability insurance right here.


Staying productive is the key to business success, especially if you are the sole owner of your business and have to make critical decisions on your own. Use these tips to improve your productivity so that you are making optimum use of every minute of your workday.

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