Keeping warm in winter without turning your heating on!

Then nights are getting longer the days are getting colder, and winter is well on the way. For those of us that loathe the cold, this can be a depressing time of the year- particularly after the holidays when the pretty lights and Christmas trees have been taken down, and we’re left with freezing temperatures and muddy snow.

If you’re worried about winter season, here are a few ways you can stay warm this winter:

Work on your Body

Just because its cold outside doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep yourself in shape. In fact winter is likely to be the time of the year that you find yourself putting on the pounds as it coincides nicely with the holiday season and colder temperatures generally mean less time being active and more time on the couch. Let’s face it: When it’s cold outside, the last thing you probably want to do is to go for a run or even head to the gym. But there’s no excuse for complete inactivity, since it’s possible to workout inside and enjoy the many different fitness videos online. Mens sports jackets from Chums will help you stay warm when you’re working out, so you can still work hard on your goals.

Do your chores

Winter is the best time to work on your left out chores. May it be cleaning out your closet, making a few decoration / furniture changes, as long as you are moving you will surely feel warm.

Be Social

We all know that staying in is the new going out, and this is especially true in winter. However, the cold weather doesn’t need to kill your social life completely, so commit to catching up with your friends at least once a week- it will make the winter pass quicker and distract you from the cold weather. If you want to avoid going out, invite a group over to your house for movies, a potluck dinner, takeout, or even just coffee, and you’ll be able to socialise without needing to leave the house.

Catch up on Reading

If you’re like most people, you probably have a massive list of books you’ve been meaning to read for years. Maybe it’s a few of those classics that are commonly referenced in pop culture and you’re ashamed to say you skipped, or perhaps your favourite author has released a book or two that you’ve been meaning to pick up. There’s no better time to curl up on the couch (or by the fire) with a book in your hand (or a kindle), and catch up on your reading, so make a list of all the books you’d like to read and escape the cold by visiting a few new worlds.


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