Low-Level Laser Therapy: The Secret to Rebound Your Hair Game

Did you know that an average person can lose about 100 hair strands in a single day? Hair fall is considered a normal situation and no need to panic. However, if you experience significant thinning of hair and your hairline starts to recede, then it’s time for you to see hair experts for consultation.

There are many factors why we experience hair loss. One significant aspect of it is heredity. It is quite common, especially to men. It is also called male pattern baldness. Other notable causes of hair loss are as follows:

  • Pulling of hair due to harsh hair stylings like ponytails and braids
  • Overuse of hair chemical products such as gels, sprays, and dyes
  • Thyroid disease that can affect the hair follicle growth
  • The hormonal imbalance for men and women and
  • Stressful workplace

If you’re planning to regrow your hair and reverse your hair loss, then it’s time to consider low-level laser therapy. It is safe and doesn’t require any surgical procedure. 

What is low-level laser therapy? How does it work?

Low-level laser therapy employs medical-grade lasers to give safe light on your scalp. Its main goal is to provide an energy light to your hair follicles. 

Once your hair follicles absorb all the positive energy, it will improve the blood circulation of your hair scalp. As such, it will absorb more nutrients needed to support your hair growth.

Besides, low-level laser light helps to activate cell regeneration in your follicles. It helps to decrease hair loss, and at the same time, aids in regrowing your hair.

4 Benefits of Using Low-Level Laser Therapy to Your Hair

Here are the cooling benefits of using low-level laser therapy.

  1. Non-Surgical Treatment Involve

One significant benefit of using low-level laser therapy is that it doesn’t require surgical treatment to regrow hair. Let’s face the truth; each one of us doesn’t want to involve a knife or needle just to improve our hair. 

The laser used in LLLT is also known as cold laser. That’s because the light absorbed by the scalp doesn’t require any heat. 

The light released from the low-level laser will rebuild tissues from your head. It helps to improve blood circulation going to your hair, which causes it to regrow rapidly.

  1. Safe and Offers Low-Cost Value

LLLT is safe to use because it doesn’t require any heat or cutting procedure. Another distinct advantage of it is that they offer lower prices compared to other standard hair transplant procedures.

  1. Laser Therapy Was Being Used for Decades in Medicine

The medical world uses laser treatment to repair muscle tissues to various parts of the body. That’s why it’s highly recommended to use in solving hair loss and rebonding your hair looks.

  1. Helps to Increase Hair Density

Frequently, people utilize laser therapy as hair removal. However, experts realize the other effect of it. That’s because the newly grown hair significantly increases the hair density on the area treated by hair removal. That’s why LLLT is highly recommended for treating hair loss by experts.

Bottom Line

If you want to adverse your hair loss experience, then consider using low-level laser therapy. It’s safe and doesn’t require any surgical operations.

If you think that you’re already suffering from hair loss, it’s time for you to consult with a hair specialist. Here at Surehair International locations in Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga Ontario, we offer wide varieties of hair loss treatment. 

From over-the-counter medications up to the latest technology for treating hair problems, we will provide only the best results for your hair.

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