Missing Travel? Try a Virtual Tour

With everything that’s going on right now due to the new Corona virus, who knows when life will return to normal. For now, most of the world is in some kind of a lockdown, meaning that there’s no travel going on. If you’re feeling a bit bored, or itching to do something different, why not consider virtual tours? It’s the opportunity to explore somewhere new, from the comfort of your own home with no risk of ending up ill. Here are some fun ideas of places you can explore in Liverpool at home:

1. Chinatown, Liverpool:
You might be surprised to learn that here in Liverpool is the largest Chinese arch outside of China. It was assembled twenty years ago and is an impressive 13.5 meters tall. It was constructed with the specific principles of Feng Shui in mind. On the virtual tour you can see the two lions, made of bronze, which are there in order to protect the arch. There are also five roofs and 200 dragons, ensuring this arch is an impressive site. Once you’ve enjoyed the virtual tour of this arch, you’re probably going to want to plan a trip there later in the year! Go on virtual tour of the Chinese Arch.

2. Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral:
This is a Grade II Listed building, which has the local nickname “Paddy’s Wigwam”, was completed in 1967 after five years of construction. It is located right in the heart of Liverpool and has been designed to ensure that 2,000 people are able to see the white marble altar at one time. Designed by architect Frederick Gibberd, this beautiful Cathedral is quite modern, with a captivating ceiling and centre with stained glass. While you’re currently unable to travel to visit it, you can enjoy exploring the cathedral through this virtual tour.

3. Dinosaurs Unleashed:
While not a tour, this a fun way to pass the lockdown, especially with children. This is a new augmented reality app that allows you to hatch, feed and even battle dinosaurs! It’s a fun way to play and really great for all ages, but especially for dinosaur obsessed children. Check out Dinosaurs Unleashed for more details.

This is a strange time for all of us, but thankfully we have the Internet and some great things such as virtual tours to allow us to keep the travel spirit alive, even when everything’s shut down.

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