Top 5 Smartphone Apps You Need to Try

Can you even imagine life without your smartphone? Although they’ve been around for little over a decade, smartphones have truly taken over – and from business to leisure, everything seems to be happening on these small, cool-looking, fun devices.

What are the top smartphone apps you should try as soon as possible? We have gathered 5 of the most popular ones – so read on and find out more.


Yep, WhatsApp is still around, and still the best messenger tool to use for a smartphone. It’s free, reliable, and it gives you the opportunity of talking to just about anyone on Earth, as long as they have it installed too. Goodbye international call fees, hello free communication for everyone!

What makes it so different than Facebook Messenger? Well, for starters, you don’t need a Facebook account to use it (just the phone number). Other than that, WhatsApp has pretty much the same features as Facebook Messenger – so, as long as your grandma has a smartphone and WhatsApp installed on it, you can chit-chat with her and send her photos of those very cool knits you’ve found in South East Asia, for almost no money at all (just an Internet connection, really).


Tired of AutoCorrect ruining your date prospects? Install SwiftKey. By far one of the best keyboards for Android users, SwiftKeys is intuitive, has excellent spell check capabilities, and it also has a great memory (so there will come a time when you won’t even have to type too much, because the app will “guess” what you want to say without being too intrusive).


If you remember the good old days of iPods, you definitely value a good music player. With the right app, your smartphone can replace your old-school Walkman, giving you the option of storing thousands of songs, on the go, to listen whenever you have a 5-minute break (or just play in the background as you bike your way to work). PowerAmp can play almost any format, it has a nice interface, and it has spotless functionality, so expect the best from this Android app!


Probably one of the very best productivity tools ever created, EverNote can help you switch from laptop to PC, tablet, and smartphone in the blink of an eye. Moreover, it allows you to include pictures, links, and many other elements such as notes so that you can organize your life, your tasks, and your amazing goals better. This is a helpful app everyone should have on their smartphones, really!


If you’re a big Wolverine fan and sad that he’s leaving the big screen, how about going back to basics and reading the actual comics? Comixology is an amazing app that allows you to run .cbs formats (the one used for comic books) in a cool, intuitive and very fun way. Plus, it allows you to buy tons of comic books (and it also has a pretty good variety of legally free ones too). This will surely keep you busy on your commuter train!

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