Why Teenage Girls are Prone to Hair Loss?

As we grow older, we have to realize and accept the fact that you’re starting to experience hair loss. Typically, it is considered one of the highlights of our life when we realized that we are aging. But, what if a teenage girl will experience hair loss at the prime of her life? This experience may cause severe emotional stress on a specific person, especially in a critical time of their precious lives.

However, this hair loss can occur for several reasons, and there is a scientific explanation behind this incident. In this article, we are going to discuss why teenage girls are prone to hair loss and how to deal with it successfully.

  1.   Hormones

Hair loss in women usually happens because of the rapid changes in your hormone levels. It is traditionally associated during the teenage life of a girl. These hormones change their emotions, eating lifestyle, and hair growth. Although teenage girls may experience hair loss at the early stage of their life, we can say that it is a regular cycle of puberty. Once the hormones balance out in their body, hair loss will go to stop eventually.

  1.   Poor Lifestyle

Nowadays, teenagers preferred to eat food rich in starch, sweets, and fats rather than a variety of fruits and vegetables. As a result, these teens will experience micro-nutrient deficiencies. It is a crucial factor for the development of their physical appearance, such a good complexion, eyesight, and healthy hair. 

Another factor to consider is physical activities. If a teenage girl doesn’t have extracurricular activity, the blood flow inside their body will not circulate properly. Also, there will be insufficient oxygen inside the body, which plays a vital role in the growth of your hair. Make sure to engage in different sports because it will release stress and toxin inside your body. Making you feel great every day. 

  1.   Medicine

Taking medication may cause hair loss in both teens and adults, especially ones who deal with the hormonal disorder. One example of this medicine is pills. Some teenage girls will take prescribe birth control pills to control their acne. However, the pills are also known for thinning of hair. Make sure to check with your physician first before taking this prescribed medication. 

  1.   Active Hair Treatment and Over-Styling of Hair

During teenage life, we all experience peer-pressure. So, it would be best if you kept an extra effort with the current hair trends and style to avoid being pressured by your friends. Usually, teenage girls utilize heat products and strong chemicals for hair colors. This style will make your hair brittle and, thus, becoming prone to hair loss. Another leading cause of hair loss is by using a tight hairstyle like ponytails. It pulls out your hair follicles, which may lead to bald patches and shortened strands. To prevent this thing to worsened, limit heat styling, and avoid tight up-styles. 

Those are some of the reasons why teenage girls are prone to hair loss. In most cases, the above steps should take care of the problem. However, if the hair loss persists, it’s time to consult a specialist who deals with hair problems like hair loss. At Nuhair Medical, we will provide professional consultation to your hair needs to bring back your natural beauty and confidence through hair treatment.

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