5 Money Saving Tips

Saving money is not easy – but given today’s economy and its lack of stability, you might want to have some money for rainy days (or, why not, for that vacation you’ve been dreaming about for years now).

How to save money in a truly efficient way? We have gathered 5 of the most important money saving tips – so read on if you want to find out more about being financially savvy.

Follow a Plan

The best way to make sure you don’t spend money on things you don’t actually need? Create a plan and follow it almost religiously.  Plan your grocery shopping, your mortgage payments, how many years it will take for you to finally pay off your student debt, your bills, your larger investments, and purchases – plan everything.

The more you think of it and the more you put on paper, the more likely it is that you will only spend money on the things that really matter to you.

Cook at Home

Eating out is an easy solution when you are busy and simply not in the mood to cook your own food. Yet, the sad truth is that most of the times, home cooked meals are better for you – both from a health-related point of view and from a financial one. Cook more at home, plan (!) your meals, and stay healthier and happier with foods that nourish your body (and don’t empty your bank account before the end of the month).

Throw House Parties

Going out every Saturday may be fun, but it does cost a lot of money – so why not ask your friends to come over? Supermarket wine, beer, some delicious homemade snacks, and some games – this could be the recipe for an evening you will all enjoy.

Sell Things You Don’t Need

That huge collection of video games you barely play? The college jeans you hope to fit in again? The dress you never actually wore? These are all things that can be monetized – so why not bring them all together during the spring cleaning and put them out for sale on eBay? You may not earn a fortune – but your house will be clutter-free and your wallet happier, so there’s really nothing to lose out of this.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Heard about all that Smart Home hype? Well, the home of the future is really smart – and programmable thermostats are part of them. The good news is that a smart thermostat doesn’t cost as much as you would think (you can get a more than decent one under $100) – but it can surely save you plenty of money. Just think of it: this thermostat will turn on the heat or A/C just in time for you to arrive home – and this means you won’t be charged for heating during the hours you don’t actually use it. Sounds like a great investment, doesn’t it?

Frugality doesn’t happen overnight – it takes patience and dedication to “acquire” as a skill. Stick to your plans, save money, and watch that savings account grow larger with every day that goes by!

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