3 Ways to be More Active with a Desk Job

Truth be told, the world’s in a pretty crazy place right now – not only economically and politically, but from a personal and social point of view as well. We live hasty lives, we are clogged in work, and we are more stressed out and anxious than ever – and being active is a truly crucial part of dealing with everything hectic going on in our lives.

How do you even manage to stay active when you have a desk job, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Get a Gym Membership

This is probably the most facile way of making sure your body’s getting enough exercise. Getting a gym membership won’t be enough though – you will really have to stick to it as well. Remember, you are not doing this so much for that new pair of smaller-sized jeans, as much as you’re doing it for your own health (mental and physical).

Oh, and try to vary things when going to the gym. Strength training, cardio, special classes – take them all, experiment with them, see what you like, and create a workout regimen that fits you and who you are. It’s really important, trust us on this!

Leave Your Car at Home

Unless you have to commute 20 km to get to work, leaving your car at home makes sense from one too many points of view. First of all, there’s the savings – all those gas bills, car parts, car insurance and all the other costs associated with driving a car will simply disappear (or at least considerably lower).

Furthermore, there’s the fact that you’re saving the world, one step at a time (and take this as literal as you want to). We’re running out of gas, there’s a huge hole in the ozone layer, and global warming’s right around the corner – so, yes, every car makes a difference.

Most importantly though, you earn your health back. Cycling to work, walking to work, or simply taking the bus and getting off one station earlier – these things move your body, your spirit, and pump your energy levels like nothing else. Try it, it can work like magic!

Just Find an Activity You Really Love

Staying active is all about enjoying it – and if getting sweaty with 10 other people in the same room, lifting weights, or sweating your way to the workplace doesn’t work out for you, then that’s perfectly fine. Pick something you love. Dance at home or go to a special dance class, run with your kids or dog(s), play tennis with your high school friends – do whatever pleases you.

The key here is to get your heart to pump a little bit faster, your muscles to function, and your brain to boost those serotonin levels. So, if simply running around the house makes you happy, then go ahead and do it – as long as it keeps you active and far from stuck-to-a-chair, it will be amazing!

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