Cheapest Travel Destinations for 2017

In this modern world, people are busy almost all the time. Hence each person would want to enjoy maximum when they get a bit of leisure time. Travelling is something that can help people relax and get relieved of stress.  But the problem with travelling is that it is very expensive. But there are certain places that can be visited without spending a lot of money. This article lists a few locations that are ideal to those who wish to go on a vacation without spending much money.


This is a place in Mexico and is one of the most popular travel destinations for 2017. The currency exchange rate is about 20 Mexican pesos and hence it can be said that Mexico is one of the most affordable countries to visit. Mazatlan is known for its rich culture. Also if you are a person who loves food, then Mazatlan is an ideal location. In fact, this is known as the shrimp capital of the country. The hotels are comparatively cheap and for a four member family, $100 would be enough to stay at a nice hotel. Also, restaurants are cheaper when compared to the other tourist locations.

Cape Town, South Africa

In this country, the exchange rates are again favourable. Also, a visit to Cape Town would be an ideal option as far as a tourist is concerned. The city has well-developed infrastructure and travelling around in the city is not so difficult as well. An average of $20 would be required for travelling expenses. Also, the hotels are fairly cheap when hotels in other tourist locations are considered. Private villa rentals are also available and in fact, these are more cost effective than hotels.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

This is an ideal place to visit during the low season. If you stay within the city, then you wouldn’t even require a car to visit the restaurants and for sightseeing. As far as US citizens are concerned, the visit is something that is very simple to make. The US dollar is the official currency and hence there is no need to exchange.


For people who wish to travel to South America, the ideal location to visit is Chile. The most attractive thing about Chile is that the variety of food available is vibrant. Renting a car and exploring the area is not very expensive and also the hotels are reasonably cheap as well.


When the US dollar is strong when compared to the euro, it is ideal to pay a visit to the beautiful island of Crete. If you are a foodie, then the island of Crete is one of the dream come true travel destinations for 2017. This is a place where farm to table is a way of life. Fresh and tasty food is the most important attraction of the area. Also for people who love to enjoy the beauty of nature, Crete is an ideal destination. Also, another attraction is that the locals are always very open to having visitors.


When it comes to African countries, one of the most affordable travel destinations for 2017 is Morocco. The cost effectiveness starts all the way from the flight charges. This place is also a dream destination for foodies. Fruits and vegetables are cheaper than meat and hence this is the ideal location for people who love vegetarian food.  The place is also known for shopping especially souvenir shopping, wallets, handbags and other leather goods.


If you wish to go on a romantic vacation with your better half or girlfriend then this place is the ideal destination. The resorts and travelling are both reasonable. Restaurants are also very cheap, in fact, two can eat in a high-end place at about $30.

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