5 Careers Where You Get to Travel

Most people enjoy travelling. Some like to resume to nearby cities and camping trips, others are all about discovering the most exotic dishes, in their own kitchen. Regardless of what type of traveller you may be, you definitely fancy the idea of travelling as a job – and fortunately, with today’s globalized economy, getting such a job is more possible than ever.

What are some of the best careers that will allow (encourage, and even force) you to travel? We have gathered 5 of them right below – so read on and find out more.


Of course, it will take quite a lot of investment to become an archeologist (time, money, and patience) – but oh, boy, wouldn’t it be amazing if you discovered the next Tutankhamen (minus the curse that comes with it)?

Jokes aside, being an archeologist is not always about mummies, or Egypt, or even travelling very far away from home. If your interest is lying underneath the surface of the nearest town, then you’ll have to travel there – if it’s somewhere at the borders between Germany and France, you’ll have to be there as well. All in all though, this is a surefire way to get a life full of adventure, discoveries, knowledge and…travelling.

Working on a Cruise Line

Dreaming of a cruise? How about spending most of your time on one? Working on a cruise line is an amazing way of winning money, seeing the world, meeting lots of people – and all in high style. Plus, cruise lines offer all sorts of jobs, for a wide range of skills, so you actually stand a chance at pulling this off even if you didn’t spend 10 years in post-high school education.


Being a photographer can lead your steps in all sorts of stunning places. Regardless of whether you photograph landscapes, people, weddings, or anything else under the Sun, there’s a good chance you’ll be required to travel at least a few times during your career. What could be better than capturing the beauty of the world through your lens?

English Teacher

Want to travel, see the world, and do humanitarian work? Teaching English as a Second Language is a truly great way of achieving all of these goals. Many ESL teachers travel to very remote parts of the world (locations you wouldn’t have otherwise booked a flight to). More than anything, these people change lives by empowering their students to speak one the most widespread language on Earth. Faith in humanity restored, right?


Not all bloggers travel, and you don’t necessarily have to be a travel blogger to see the world. However, blogging (and, generally, making your income online) allows you with much more flexibility than a 9-5 job. You can work from the top of your home, or from the top of the Alps if you want to – and you won’t have to worry about not being able to travel just because you only get a couple of weeks of vacation per year. In many ways, being a full-time, money-earning blogger is the dream when it comes to travelling and seeing the world.

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