Best Beaches in Italy

Italy is truly one of the most popular travel locations on Earth – and for a very good list of reasons too. Great food, beautiful weather, amazing people, lots of culture, activities to cover every type of tourist – you have it all here, and you have it with great hospitality and in high style. What is not to love about Italy, really?

If you want to travel to Italy’s best beaches, make sure to read on and “steal” some inspiration from our list of ideas. We guarantee you will love each and every one of them!

Acquavivetta, Tuscany

This is the kind of place that’s perfect for just about anyone who simply wants to enjoy good sun, a beautiful landscape, and some swimming. In fact, this is considered to be one of the best swimming beaches in Italy – so you will surely love it here regardless of whether you come with (your) kids, or alone. Oh, and the high rocks backing up the beach are a bonus your eyes will absolutely adore!

The Amalfi Coast

This is considered to be one of the most beautiful stretches of beach – and not only in Italy, but in the entirety of Europe as well. As huge as that may sound, those who sustain this idea may be actually true: the place is simply breathtakingly splendid. The almost sensual windings of the beach, the stunning sea, the soft sands, the road there (by bus or by car) – everything about a trip here will mesmerize you.

Pay attention: because it’s such a popular destination for just about everyone, the roads might get congested in the summer. But, oh boy, will it be worth it when you finally lay eyes on this beauty!

San Domino, Tremeti Islands

If you are looking for a beach that’s filled with green and energy, you have found it: San Domino. Considered to be the prettiest one in all the Tremeti Islands, San Domino is a maze waiting to be discovered. The most accessible beaches might get really busy during the summer – but if you follow the signs and reach Villagio TCI and Calla dello Spido, you will find a quiet cove filled with beauty, grace, and relaxation. Ideal for a couple on their honeymoon – or just about for everyone who wants to enjoy the treats of Italy in perfect balance.

Maratea, Basilicata

Drama and beach beauty come together in Maratea – and we guarantee you’ll let a whispered wow slip away as soon as you step foot here. The high cliffs, the almost too perfect beaches, the sun shining in a way that seems possible only in the movies – this is absolute perfection, at its very finest. You will love it here – so much that you will actually want to stay here forever, and not just for a vacation.

In truth, Italy is filled with miraculously splendid beaches – so regardless of where you will land, you will definitely find something breathtakingly gorgeous to sightsee and enjoy. Let Italy soak in your skin and run through your veins – you will come back a different man/ woman!

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