Five Awesome DIY Costumes that Couples Can Try for Halloween

Just because the Coronavirus has shut the doors for us partygoers, doesn’t mean we can no longer dress up as our favorite popular characters for Halloween. 

We should not stop the tradition just because no one in our circle of friends has organized a Halloween party as it goes against the safety protocols of our community in regard to COVID-19 prevention. We can still put up halloween decorations. We can still sport our costumes online, with friends on a video conference, or be bold enough to post as a couple wearing matching costumes on social media.

Here are five DIY costumes that couples can try for Halloween:

  1. Wilson and Chuck. Inspiration: Cast Away Movie. You can print out for a FedEx logo and attach it to an envelope or a small box. One half of the couple should wear a stained, dirty, torn white shirt and a fake beard, and the other, a plain white shirt with linear patterns that resembles a volleyball. To top it off, draw Wilson’s face on that shirt as how it was done in the movie by Tom Hanks. It doesn’t matter if the woman plays the Chuck part, it would actually look cooler if they reversed roles.
  1. Bonnie and Clyde. Inspiration: the most notorious partners in crime. Of. All. Time. Go to a thrift shop and get a gatsby-themed suit and dress. Then have a toy pistol for the guy, and a toy tommy gun for the lady.
  1. Forrest Gump and Jenny. Inspiration: Another Tom Hanks Movie. Have the iconic cap, pants and belt, and running shoes for Forrest – a box of chocolates optional and a comfy sweater, a string instrument on one hand and a flower crown on the head resembling a woman who is going to a Woodstock festival for the lady. 
  1. The generic bandits. This is an ideal costume for a couple who do not have much time to prepare for their costumes. You need a pair of jeans, striped shirts, and beanies. You can use a white pillowcase for the loot bag, and draw a dollar $ sign on it. Lastly, you need to have black masks to complete the look. 
  1. Google Map geotag icons. Because why not?! Create the icons from construction paper, cut out into a geotag shape. Shade it with the colors you can find in Google Map settings. Label both tags as A and B and cut out a hole in the middle enough for your face to fit. You can wear it individually, or you can add a makeshift chain that resembles the line tracing the distance from point A to B – if you are willing to stick together and not move around so that chain does not get detached from you.
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