Top 4 Tips for Being More Confident

Confidence is something many people struggle with and there’s that whole saying “fake it until you make it” which can be helpful for some, but I prefer to focus on the things we can control in order to have more confidence each day. There are small changes you can make in order to feel more confident in all areas of your life, and these are my top 4 tips for being more confident.

1. Your Underwear

Your underwear is the first thing you put on each day and can make a big difference to how you feel. You want underwear that’s the right size for you, anything too small and it’s going to create lumps and bumps where you don’t have any. Anything too big and you wont get the support and comfort you need. Choosing good underwear can also do a lot for avoiding awkward panty lines. There’s another way the underwear you choose can give you added confidence, and that’s by using panties like Knix that offer not only an invisible fit, but also period protection so you can be confident no matter what happens with your cycle, you’re prepared!

Remember that this applies to the men in your life too! A good pair of boxers can do wonders for a man’s confidence, showing off all the right things in all the right places. It’s important for a man to feel confident in his underwear – lack of self-confidence can lead to problems like erectile dysfunction and anxiety. Make sure he avoids briefs if you’re trying for a baby, however, as the tightness can harm sperm production and testosterone regulation. If your man is struggling with these things, consider visiting an ED Clinic North Fresno or another clinic in your own area. The sooner his issues are sorted, the more confident he’ll feel!

2. Self Affirmations

Self affirmations are a wonderful way to make yourself more confident. In the beginning it can be awkward to say things that you maybe don’t feel are true, but with more time and practice it will become more natural. You can focus on many areas of your life, whatever aspects you’d like to change. If you want to focus on being more confident, you can say things like “I’m capable of walking into a room and owning it” or whatever resonates with you.

3. Take a Leap of Faith

Sometimes it’s not a matter of talking yourself into a situation, but just diving in. I think it’s important to know that most people struggle with confidence at least sometimes. The best way to get over it sometimes is just to not over think things and to put yourself out there. Whether it means walking into a room of strangers and introducing yourself, or beating your fear of public speaking and signing up for a talk. Somethings only get easier by jumping in and seeing where you land. One thing I like to ask myself is “What’s the worst that can happen?” and I find that the answer is not normally as scary as I’d think.

4. Practice Alone

If you’re planning to do a talk somewhere and you’re nervous, just practice until it comes naturally to you (or almost naturally!). If you’re wanting to branch out and meet new people practice some interesting conversation starters that you can revert to in order to make conversation easily. It can be hard putting yourself out there, especially if you’re not used to it, but having a few things in your repertoire can make a huge difference to your confidence. One you realise that most other people are also nervous too, or have been at some point in their lives, it can help you to take the risk.

Improving your confidence is a great way to improve your success in life and your interactions with others. Use these 4 tips to be as confident as possible!

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