The Perks of a Vinyl Kitchen Floor

Many people say that luxury vinyl flooring is considered among the best flooring solutions on the market due to it helping out where needed.

Naturally this is something to look into further to see not only where it can help out, but in what areas it really adds a perk. As we all know there are plenty of challenges towards a kitchen’s longevity, and many flooring brands that say it can handle those challenges.

Let’s see where vinyl flooring stands on the defensive front.


Every kitchen receives its fair share of cleaning within a home. After all, it’s the place where multiple daily meals are prepared, cooked, and washed up after, as well as disposed of after finishing the fine dining.

This causes a lot of stains, droppings, spillages, and drips everywhere, with the floor receiving a fair chunk of them. These stains can either leave a permanent stain or discolouration from multiple clean-up attempts on most flooring. The good news with the lowest price Amtico flooring is that it is of higher stain resistance and can be simply handled with a tissue or wipe, leaving no trace of discolouration marks to speak of.

Having these stain-resistant properties is one thing, but it also has built-in layers that protect against scratches and water also, meaning it’s simple to clean with regular household items and not having to splurge extra cash on specialist chemicals or products.


Your kitchen sees heavy foot traffic from cooking meals, grabbing snacks to all members of the family dashing through from early breakfast to late-night tidy up.

This means that it is a room susceptible to flooring seeing wear and tear much more than others more commonly. The good news is with vinyl flooring that it is not only naturally comfortable underfoot, it also has a thick wear layer that is no victim to heavy traffic. As long as you are not wearing harsh heels every day, this flooring can withstand decades of traffic with no hint of wear and tear.

No Regular Replacing

The big consideration of flooring is always how often you are going to need to replace either sections or the entire floor.

With luxury vinyl, you stand in good stead to potentially never have to replace any part of the flooring due to its strengths and your aversion to doing anything that may weaken it. You could have durable vinyl flooring that lasts up to 3 decades with the right care. The good news is that it is such a cheap product that if you find you need to replace any section, it won’t break your budget to do it.

With all of that in mind, it is safe to say that all the perks of luxury vinyl flooring provide a smart investment within the kitchen that is beneficial in keeping your costs, cleaning, and fixing very low.

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