5 tips for a warm and welcoming winter bathroom

When the temperature drops and those icy winds leave us feeling chilled to our bones, there’s nothing better than coming home to a steaming hot bath. What better way to unwind, relax and thaw out, than in the comfort of our bathroom.

A compact bathroom can cause issues, especially during the winter months when we’re trying to get our heating and ventilation just right, which is why many of us search for small bathroom ideas online. So, instead of searching, why not get your bathroom ready for the winter ahead by following these top 5 tips?

Get in the mood with your lighting

Whilst you may be more preoccupied with how warm your bathroom feels, your choice of lighting can really help to set the tone. A central lighting fixture can often seem a little harsh when you are trying to relax, which is where additional lighting can really come into play. By using LED mirrors or wall lights, you can create the perfect amount of ambient illumination. Or, if you’re looking for a temporary solution, you can always rely on those old favourites: tea lights.

Set the perfect temperature

Bathrooms can get a little chilly in the winter months, so make sure you check for drafts and cold spots. It’s also a good idea to bleed your radiators to ensure they produce optimum heat output. If, after doing all of your checks, your bathroom still feels cold, further measures may need to be taken. You could add a second radiator or heated towel rail (an electric model, rather than one that is plumbed into your central heating, will let you choose when it’s required). You could even take things a step further by fitting underfloor heating, allowing you greater control over temperature.

Preparing your bath

Getting your bath temperature just right can sometimes be a bit of a guessing game. So, make sure you prepare beforehand. Check that you’ve switched the hot water on (or given it a boost if necessary) on your boiler and check every few minutes as you fill your bath.

A more accurate way of doing this is to invest in a thermostatic valve, which keeps your bath water constant. Or, if you want to take things a step further, a smart bathroom system allows you to pour a temperature-perfect bath from the comfort of your settee. It can even work with Amazon Alexa, so all you’ll need to say is “Alexa. Run my bath”.

Lovely bubbly

Creating your own home spa is the goal of many a budding bathroom designer. Whatever type of bath you own, you can always treat yourself with your choice of bubble bath and scents. It’s always worth keeping a range of different essential oils to suit your mood. If you’re feeling tired and stressed, ylang ylang and lavender are good choices, helping to focus the mind. Around Christmas time, you may choose something with a warming, spiced aroma, just to get you in the mood!

Crank up the volume

A little music can help set the tone, keeping you feeling happy and entertained. For bathrooms, it’s best to invest in a waterproof speaker or a Bluetooth-enabled shower speaker. Wirelessly connected to your phone, you can play your favourite playlists or even croon along to those Christmas classics. If you don’t want to miss a minute of your favourite soap or drama, specialist bathroom TVs are now available and affordable.

Wrap up

The warm, welcoming environment you’ve created shouldn’t come to an abrupt end the minute you climb out of your bath or shower. A lovely, big, fluffy bath towel and a soft bath mat will help keep you feeling nice and snug. Keep your bath robe or dressing gown warming on a radiator, in your airing cupboard or, better still, hanging from a heated towel rail.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and look forward to a warm and inviting bathroom during those cold winter months.


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