Why summer weddings are most ideal?

Agreed, a summer wedding isn’t for everyone. Some people love the idea of a crisp, ultra-white wedding in the snow, while you might know others who genuinely love the moody backdrop of a stormy night. Then, of course, there are the multi-coloured leaves of autumn that do look great on wedding photos.

However, most people opt for a summer wedding – and it’s for far more than the chance of a sunny day. Here’s why summer is the ideal season to tie the knot this year, next year or beyond.

Getting the sun out of the way

Okay, the warm weather is important. You and your guests stand a better chance of being able to head outdoors during your wedding reception and not getting caught in a downpour as you leave the wedding venue. However, just as you couldn’t rely on a fine covering of snow in winter or a perfectly moody storm in autumn, the temperamental UK weather won’t guarantee sunshine all day long in summer, either.

Still, at least it will be warm. If you marry in a church, you and the guests won’t be freezing cold and desperate to head to the reception for some comfort. Warmer weather will make people more relaxed, and ice-free roads could even encourage cautious drivers to stick around longer at the reception.

Plus, regardless of whether the sun does shine all day long, sunlight will certainly linger longer into the night. And, according to the Brides website, this will make for some stunning photos as the night draws in later – meaning that your wedding photos will bask in the splendour of the summer nights.

Making the most of your venue

Although the date of your wedding may clash with a few summer holidays, this time of year is still ideal. Couples with kids are likelier to be available on days outside the weekend (and, subsequently, less likely to have to leave earlier to look after their offspring), and you’re far more likely to make the most of your chosen venue.

Therefore, if you’ve booked a country castle or hall for your reception, you and your guests can explore both the interior and exterior of the property over the day and night. Naturally, your views will be far more resplendent in natural beauty – and, if you book somewhere with a specialist theme, such as a sports ground or converted farm barn, there will be plenty more to enjoy throughout the day. Chester le Street cricket ground, as an example, looks stunning throughout the summer months – and is an incredibly popular venue for sports lovers in North East England.

The venue you choose will also have more options for you during the summer. Hence, if you’ve seen a particular theme or idea that you’d love to have at your wedding (check out this article on the Wedding Ideas website for some great suggestions), the people putting your wedding reception together will usually be able to consider a wider range of outdoor options when the summer days are still around.

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