Things to Know Before Asking for a Pay Increase

We work in different places, different situations, in different ways at different times for our livelihood and earn for the sincerity for the work we do. We get paid for the work we do. We look forward to reaching higher grounds in our work and the higher we reach, the higher we require the pay. Also, the situations of a person can also make the person demand a pay raise. These reasons reach into asking for a pay increase, but asking for a pay raise includes several risks.

Sometimes we need to take a throw, even though anything can happen. Asking for a pay increase can even make you feel unsettled, but it’s worth asking. We get a lot of things in our mind while going into that room to ask for a pay raise. We might have a lot of questions to our self: How do I get started? How to blend into the matter? How to succeed in getting a pay raise? So to handle these we must be prepared well and must know certain things before asking for a pay raise.

Here are certain things that must be looked into before asking for a pay raise:

If you deserve a raise actually, Show your boss why you deserve an increase in the pay.

We always take in our mind one thing before going for asking a pay raise. We take into account the working tenure as a reason for asking the pay raise. But the boss in your company might want more than a mere tenure. We know what we do on an everyday basis for the company and how effective it is in the company’s bottom line. Show your boss that you are an asset to the company and how much impact you have on the company.

The boss may question you in all ways. Did you influence the sales growth? Did you focus on getting new clients for the company? Did you improve the company’s advertising strategy? These type of questions might be hitting you and you must answer everything in such a way that you should show that you are indispensable and a good asset for the company in all ways.

Know how worthy you are in the market

You might be a great asset to your company, But you can be a greater worth in the market sometimes. You must look into how much the job you do is paid in the market. Know the salary ranges and check whether you are asking too little or too much.

Consider the timing for asking for the pay increase

Timings can be of greater importance as your contributions to the company when asking for a pay increase. Do a research on whether your company is performing well or not. Is your company achieving targets? Is your company making staff cuts? These should be accounted and if the company is going in a good way it’s the right time for asking a pay raise.

Check your emotions before asking for a pay raise at the door

For your boss, it’s a complete financial decision. For you it might be, a more financial freedom, or a way to repay loans etc. Checking emotions can show your boss that you can step back and make objective, arguments that are fact based that you consider the success of the company also.

Conquer a plan if your boss says a no

Even if you provide all sorts of reason for your pay raise, you might still get offended. Be prepared in all ways to handle a “no”. Don’t get angry, embarrassed or disappointed. Just always remember to leave your emotions at the door and give way to your next raise discussion even if you get offended.

Don’t leave without getting a right feedback from your boss and on your performance and try to learn the company’s plan for you going forward.

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