What Types of Engagement Ring Settings Can Make a Diamond Appear Larger?

We are all aware that diamonds normally represent the centerpiece of any engagement ring. The only possible issue is that many of us cannot afford to spend the amount of money required to obtain a multiple-carat stone. However, there are actually several ways in which this diamond can appear larger. This often involves choosing the right type of setting for your requirements. Let us take a quick look at some interesting configurations as well as the unique benefits of each.

Illusion Settings

This first design originated during the 1920s and 1930s due to the fact that many consumers were governed by limited budgets thanks to the Great Depression. Illusion settings are defined by the presence of shiny metal (such as silver or white gold) that is shaped into ripples which surround the circumference of the diamond. As these fluted ripples will reflect additional light, they are able to provide the realistic “illusion” that the diamond itself is much larger.

Halo Settings

Halo settings are extremely popular options in these modern times due to the sheer amount of light they are able to reflect. This type of setting will employ multiple smaller stones around a central diamond (sometimes two or more layers along the circumference). Once again, the ultimate intention is to accentuate the entire appearance of the ring while maximizing the amount of light exhibited. Keep in mind that while a diamond halo is possible, other stones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds are sometimes chosen.

Cluster Settings

As the name suggests, this involves the use of other stones placed to the left and the right of the central diamond. The purpose is actually similar to the halo setting mentioned above, as these stones (known in the industry as melee diamonds) will refract and reflect more light than a single gem alone. It is still a good idea to choose stones of similar colors and grades, as these will provide an overall balanced appearance. Most cluster configurations are associated with extremely sturdy settings, as these will help to prevent the surrounding stones from accidentally coming loose.

Pavé Settings

This setting is often used in combination with cluster configurations. Pavé settings are defined by the presence of multiple smaller diamonds set within the band of the ring. These are great ways to compliment the nearby cluster surrounding the central diamond. This method also provides an uninterrupted sense of scintillating beauty throughout the entire ring. It should be mentioned that smaller stones are normally not placed on the bottom of the shank, as they are more likely to suffer from wear and tear.

So, we can now see that there are many ways to accentuate the size of a central diamond with the help of unique engagement ring settings. The good news is that the online community provides you the opportunity to purchase a variety of stones at highly agreeable prices. As always make sure to speak with an expert in order to fully appreciate the options at your disposal.

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