Top 5 Beaches in Miami

When you think of Miami what comes to mind? For me, it’s beautiful beaches that stretch for miles and are full of people playing volleyball, sunbathing and jogging along the shoreline. Due to the beautiful weather year round, Miami is a wonderful destination for sun lovers and the beaches are some of the world’s best. If you’re planning a visit to Miami and want to know where to go for some serious sun, here are my top 5 beaches in Miami that I’m sure you’ll love. Check out Miles Car Rental for rental cars so you can easily get between these wonderful beaches.

1. Crandon Park

This is a wonderful mix of a beautiful white sand beach with a park. There are some picnic areas making it the perfect area for a gathering with friends or family. Simply bring some things to grill and enjoy this two-mile long beach. Nearby there’s also a golf course, kayak rentals and even an amusement center. There’s also a huge carpark which means that you wont have to battle to find parks and can get out there and enjoy the sun as fast as possible.

2. 21st–45th Street Beach

While South Beach is worth a visit, chances are it’s going to be hard to find parking and challenging to find a quiet spot to enjoy especially on the weekends. 21st–45th Street Beach is a great alternative, just a little north of South Beach. The beach itself is beautiful, but when you need a break from sunbathing you can easily take a stroll (or a jog if you’re feeling ambitious) along the beautiful boardwalk. There are also a variety of hotels and restaurants nearby, making it a great base for your stay in Miami.

3. Sunny Isles Beach

If you’re wanting something a little more upmarket, this is the perfect beach for you. It’s recently undergone a transformation to make it appeal to a higher class of traveler and it’s succeeded. This is a two mile stretch of public beaches with creamy white sands, souvenir shops and some upmarket hotels. Due to its location it tends to be quieter than other beaches too, which is perfect if you want to enjoy the sun while reading a book in peace.

4. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Be warned, this is something like out of a postcard. Here you’ll find good looking lifeguards, palm trees and a more relaxed crowd. I would avoid this beach during spring break when things can get a little crazy, but at other times of the year it’s a trendy beach to visit. The brick promenade is popular with joggers, skaters and families too.

5. Hobie Beach

The name lends a bit to what kind of activities you’ll find here, a ton of water sport hobbies are perfect for this beach due to the windy nature. Whether you want to windsurf, jetski or rent a sailboat, you’ll find it all here. This is also one of Miami’s dog friendly beaches, making it the perfect spot to visit with the whole family including your furry friend. This isn’t the beach for sunbathing, but is perfect for the more active travellers.

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