Top 5 Places to Travel This Summer

There is a time for everything. After a lengthy period of hard work coupled with both mental and physical stress, it is always important to take a break. The body needs time to refresh and so does the brain. Travelling to a memorable destination this summer may be a perfect idea. It can help you to dismiss the mundane activities of life for a while. Further, it can also help you to restore your mental energy and desire to work harder. Whether these outcomes are realized or not will depend on the choice of a holiday destination. Based on this, it is always important to choose the best holiday destination that is available today. In case you are wondering where you can travel this summer and enjoy a memorable holiday experience, consider the following information. The places indicated in the passage are among the best holiday destinations on the planet. If you want to enjoy your holiday, pay a visit to one or more of them.

Angra dos Reis

This is an amazing destination located in Brazil. It was a safe haven for many tourists during the 2016 Olympics. This amazing place is located between the country’s two major cities Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. The forest and sea breezes can easily be felt from the streets of this magical destination. Further, its streets are filled with architectural marvels that make the city perfect for both day and night tours. With the presence of a 54 suite hotel, the small town is certainly paying a visit. This is the place where Brazil’s elite spend most of their holidays inside their stylish and cozy villas.

A taste of island living in the Bahamas

For an amazing island experience which is worth remembering, this is by far the most amazing place where you can travel this summer. The weather is perfect for a holiday since it is mostly mild although there are a few winds here and there. Further, it is not as crowded as it is towards the end of the year. Summer is thus a perfect time to visit the Bahamas. During this summer, you are also likely to enjoy lower prices in as far as accommodation and dining are concerned. It may be a good opportunity for you to sample some of the most mouthwatering meals at mind blowing prices.

Belfast in Northern Ireland

Even though Belfast may not be as popular as other tourist destinations, it is actually worth visiting. Over the years, it has witnessed a rise in the number of eateries, mini bars, and arts venues. It has actually changed a lot during the past few years. For arts entertainment, there is Seedhead which showcases a number of marvels of art around the city. Fine dining locations such as EIPIC and OX are certainly worth visiting. Get a chance to sample some of the most mouthwatering international treats of your life. There is more; you can also enjoy many nightlife spots such as Vandal and Muddlers Club. A number of architectural marvels are also present in the city.

Cape Town in South Africa

You can also travel this summer to one of Africa’s best cities. Thanks to its cinematic view coupled with mind capturing art and scenery, it is an amazing place to visit. It is a compelling tourist destination featuring a long list of museums, wineries, and restaurants which feature on the world’s top 20 eating places list.  Perfect examples include Shortmarket Club and Test Kitchen. The city is rich in history and culture, making it a perfect destination for anyone who wants a break from mundane life activities.

Belgrade in Serbia

Belgrade is characterized by neighborhoods that are surrounded by amazing eating places and mind capturing bars. This is where you can sample smoky sausages such as cevapi served at Tri Sesira. There is also Toro which serves the internationally recognized pan-Latin tapas that you will definitely live to remember. With over 35 breweries within the boundaries of the city, it has a lot of beer brands to offer. The weather pattern, the friendly people and the great combination of accommodation facilities make the city worth visiting.

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