Top Travel Destinations for 2018

I cannot even begin to describe how amazing traveling can be. The food, the landscapes, the people, the cultures, the clothes, the ways life goes on in different places around the world – discovering all of these things can be magical, breathtaking, and genuinely life changing.

If you have decided to travel more, you definitely want to know some of the best travel destinations for 2018.

What are they? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


This Caribbean jewel is a true beauty – one that (thankfully) is still under the radar for most tourists heading to that area of the world.

Also known as the Spice Island, this gorgeous place has everything you could ever want on vacation: pure blue waters, sunny days, rainforests, and a genuine, lively local culture that will sprinkle your stay there with a lot of uniqueness and make the experience even more enjoyable.

Definitely worth checking this out!

Los Cabos

Located in Mexico, this stunning place has grown to be hugely popular in the past few years. Indeed, you have all the reasons to love it: the wide beaches, the gorgeous water, the top-notch services, the new culture, the food, the fun – it’s all meant to make you feel great while there.

As a result of the continuous influx of tourists, the area has developed a lot in the past several years as well (and many five star hotel brands are making their way into the place as well). So, if you are searching for high-standard accommodation and entertainment here, you will definitely find it!


You might not think there’s a lot to see here, but you’d be so wrong!

Uzbekistan has changed a lot in the last couple of years, especially since the death of the former authoritarian ruler there. These days, this country is safer and easier than ever to visit – and you have so many things to do and see here!

Because it’s still untainted by huge waves of tourists, Uzbekistan is very affordable in every sense possible. But even more than that, it maintains its authenticity – with a majority Muslim population and with architecture, customs, and food that pertain to that area, but beautifully mix with the former USSR influence, this place is bound to surprise you in the most pleasant of ways.

Check it out – it’s more than worth it!

Archipelago Sea

Located in Finland, this is the world’s largest archipelago (with no less than 25,000 miles of shoreline). Finns used to own islands here (and there are a lot of them to own indeed), so the entire location has a “vacation village” vibe you will absolutely fall in love with. The scenery, the variety of nice activities you can partake in while here, the uniqueness of the geography here – everything about this place will imprint in your memory and make you want to come back. The great news? It’s now more affordable than ever to travel to the Scandinavian countries (at least from the point of view of the transportation ticket).

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