5 Best Locations for a Girl’s Weekend in Europe

Oh, Europe! The land where cheese tastes better, wines flow smoother, history abounds and beauty is at every step. Add this to a crazily diverse cultural landscape and you’ve got a continent ready to keep you busy for years in a row!

What’s a girl to do in Europe for a weekend? We have gathered 5 of the very best locations for a girl’s weekend in Europe – so read on and find out more.


You may think this is the kind of city you only visit with your loved one – but, oh, you’d be wrong. Paris is a city of love in its multitude of shapes – so regardless of whether you’re just married and in love with your hubby, or simply in love with puffy pastry, you will definitely find something absolutely amazing here.

Museums, concerts, beauty abounding – Paris is the kind of city that will steal you for a weekend and take your heart forever.


There’s something ineffably unforgettable about this place. The lights, the architecture, the stories of the people living here, the fact that you can eat a full dinner for as low as 10 Euros – everything about the Czech Republic capital city is charming.

Plus, there are a lot of places to visit here so you will be more than busy for the entire weekend stay – and you will definitely want to plan coming back again in the future as well. There’s oh so much prettiness in this city you will love it from the very first minute you set foot on it!


Oh, this is a true haven for any fashionista (and, let’s admit it, for just about any woman out there). Imagine a weekend full of shopping, beauty, fashion, and Italian food and you will understand why Milan landed on our top 5.

And if you thought shopping in Milan is only for the extremely-rich, think again. This is an amazing shopping spot for a very good reason – it really has everything for everyone, for every type of budget. So grab your friends, book a ticket, and enjoy some gelato and good shoes. There’s nothing more therapeutic than that, really!


This is one of those European locations that’s just charged with the energy of so much history and wisdom that you will feel it. Sunny, beautiful, charming and old, Athens is a marvelous place to visit – even if just for a weekend. Plus, the large number of tourists here make it a pretty safe place even for a single traveller – so you can definitely enjoy yourself here.


Right at the confluence between Eastern and Western Europe, Budapest is a city full of light and splendor. Stop by for a weekend and enjoy some homemade goulash and some kurtos kalacs (rolls of delicious pastry) and you will definitely want to come here again –and again, and again…
Remember: most of the large locations on Earth are actually safe and fun for a single woman traveller. However, it’s always a good idea to pack your common sense with you – so, the normal rules of safety apply regardless of whether you’re in Tokyo or Mumbai. Don’t share details with strangers, don’t keep a lot of money on you, don’t flash expensive objects, and stay sober – it will make your trip all the more enjoyable!

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