Travel in Aspen – A Beginner’s Guide

Aspen is a very special place, not just because of what it offers to ski-lovers but because of the stunning landscape, the friendly people and all of the opportunities the area offers. Whether you plan to spend your stay in some lovely aspen vacation rentals or a nice hotel you’ll find Aspen has something to offer everyone. But how can the beginner get the most out of their first time in Aspen? Read on for a few great ideas!

Day One

Fly into Aspen Airport and hire a taxi to take you to your townhouse, villa or hotel. Once you have unpacked a few things and had a bit of a snooze it may be time to head out into the town to take in some of the sights.

While you may be eager to enjoy a bit of skiing or snowboarding you will need to take it easy for the first few days. Visitors to the area often suffer from altitude sickness which can effectively wipe them out for a day or two. So, have a gentle stroll around the town and enjoy a meal or two.

– Dine at Brunelleschi’s Dome Pizza

Found at 205 S Mills St, Aspen, Brunelleschi’s Dome Pizza is a great place to enjoy your first meal. Serving up pizzas, paninis and some delicious desserts you can make plans for your trip while dining on something tasty.

– Head to the Art Museum

Situated at 637 E. Hyman Ave, the Aspen art museum is home to some exquisite collections and some wonderful contemporary artwork. The exhibition space has recently tripled in size making the museum more able to show off art that you won’t see anywhere else. Take a gentle walk around the museum as you get used to the altitude. Don’t forget to stop off at the gift shop for a few souvenirs.

– Enjoy your Evening at the Ajax Tavern

After your visit to the museum, why not take the weight off your feet and enjoy a drink at the Ajax Tavern? Found at the base of Aspen Mountain and at the Little Nell, the tavern has a great wine list, wonderful outdoor seating and a friendly atmosphere. Sit and admire the mountain as you gaze up at the night sky. Wonderful.

Day Two

Your body should now be starting to acclimatise to the altitude so you may find yourself feeling a little more energetic than you did on day one. If you feel brave enough, why not head to the Elk Camp Gondola for 9 am so you can enjoy a ski lesson? Once you’re all kitted up you can make your way to Elk Camp Meadows where you will be given your very first ski lesson. If you’re a bit of a whizz on the snow why not head on out and enjoy some time brushing up on your skills while you enjoy the view?

– Grab a Bite to Eat

Once you’ve worked up an appetite on the slopes it’s bound to be time to grab a bite to eat. There are many great places to eat in Aspen so it’s likely you may not know where to start looking. Try to find somewhere to eat before midday as that’s when the local restaurants and cafés get really busy.

– Take up Tubing

The sport of tubing is a lot of fun and involves you sitting in a large inflated rubber ring and making your way down a slope. Head to The Meadows and Elk Camp and enjoy tubing during the day or late in the evening as the sun goes down. This is such a fun activity and is particularly enjoyable if you’ve travelled to Aspen with a group of friends. An activities pass which is available to buy from The Meadows will give you a 2-hour session that allows you to enjoy a spot of tubing and the wonderfully fun Breathtaker Alpine Coaster.

Day Three

Once you’ve enjoyed a spot of breakfast it may be time to head out onto the ski slopes for the day. You should be fully acclimatised by now and ready to enjoy the slopes. Depending on the time of year, the slopes could get quite busy around 10 am, so you may want to head there a little earlier. Having the slopes to yourself (Or almost to yourself) is wonderful and it makes the whole experience a little more special.

– Take the Kids to the Treehouse Kid’s Adventure Center

Regardless of whether your little ones enjoyed some time on the slopes chances are they’re still full of energy. Let them blow off a bit of steam at the Treehouse Kid’s Adventure Centre. Multilevel and spanning 2,300 square meters the facility that’s found in Snowmass Village is a must-visit destination. Offering childcare for toddlers and infants you and a loved one can enjoy a special meal while your children have the time of their lives.

– Enjoy a Meal at one of the Local Restaurants

Find somewhere nice to enjoy a meal as you reflect on your time in Aspen. Your visit may have been a short one but chances are you’ve had a lot of fun. Why not start planning your next trip to Aspen and think about all of those fun outdoor activities you can enjoy?

At the end of the day head to Aspen airport for your flight home and remind yourself to book another vacation to this exciting part of the world.

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