What’s on your office desk?

As a freelancer, I’m continually intrigued by what’s on other people’s desks. This includes people who work from home and those who go into an office every day. www.furniture-work.co.uk has a great campaign called #MyDeskStory, which is right up my alley. This campaign comes with a super interesting infographic called Around the World in Nine Desks. If you get a chance, be sure to check it out. It literally looks at the desks of people who live in various countries, and the things they have on them.

For example, A transcriber in Italy has a mini green voodoo doll on her desk. Not only is it nice and colorful on her black desk, but when she’s stressed or feeling annoyed she can use pins to pierce the doll. This is genius and I may need to get one myself. A logo designer in Romania has a gorgeous violin on his desk to remember his grandfather who loved listening to him play the violin. I love those kinds of stories.

On my desk, I have the usual- laptop stand, mouse, keyboard, and notepad. I also have some interesting photos I bought in Thailand, some Chinese fans I bought in Beijing, a gorgeous glass sculpture from Venice, and an intricately carved mask from Bali. Surrounding myself with these souvenirs helps me remember my travels and gives me something interesting to think about when I’m feeling stuck with work. Having so many things on just one desk can sometimes leave me with little room to work, but I’d be lost without them so they’re staying! If you need plenty of space for all your items, check out a range of desks to match your needs and budget online – preferably one that can bear the load of many trinkets, mementos, and office supplies!

Since I live far from my family, I’ve also got some photos of me and my mum. This helps me remember to stay in touch, and gives me comfort when I’m feeling homesick.

What’s on your desk? Do you keep it clean or cluttered? Do you have anything special you love to look at during a difficult day of work? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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