Your home a mix of antique and modern

Sometimes creating a living space that’s matchy-matchy is tempting in pursuit of a catalogue worthy room. However, while this will get you a substantial amount of ‘likes’ on Instagram, such rooms, in reality, can feel cold and lack liveliness that only different textures and timeless pieces can bring. Don’t be afraid to mix modern interiors and traditionally styled pieces.

Take inspiration from gothic interior design and freshen up your living room with a rich jewel-toned velvetĀ  Chesterfield sofa – an ideal mix of old and edgy. Perfect for the winter season.

Add a touch of royalty to your modern, monochrome living room with a timeless glass table with brassy gold legs. It’s a subtle change yet adds character. Occasionally the smallest details make the biggest difference in a space.

Sometimes the best way to add liveliness to your living space is recycling and reusing nan’s old suitcases or chests. You can use them as great accessorise or take it a step further and use it as a chick coffee table. If your nan’s thrown out all her vintage knick-knacks, it’s time to venture out and explore a good antique sale.

Don’t be afraid of prints. It could be something small like a sofa cushion or a rug or if you’re more daring add a patterned armchair or a two-seater sofa. Not all patterns have to be loud, choose a more neutral one to jazz up your dining room.

However, you chose to spruce up your home, Robinson of England can make your idea into reality with their crafting option for beautiful sofas or chairs made to order.







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