Hoping to save money over the holidays? Read this post

There’s nothing worse than starting the year with a bunch of credit card debt because you went a little crazy over the holidays. If this sounds like the way you usually start your year, now’s the time to start thinking about how you can do better and start the year off well instead.

Here are some top ways to save money over the holidays:

Do your shopping on Black Friday

There’s a reason why Black Friday is such a popular day for shopping, and it simply makes sense to make the most of these amazing deals. Get organized and start planning Christmas presents and other holiday gifts around these deals so you can save big and tick off your Christmas list nice and early. Here are some of the best deals for Black Friday, so make sure you plan out exactly what you need so you’re ready to go.

Set a budget

If you don’t set a budget, it’s easy to suddenly realize that you’ve spent way more than you intended. One of the best ways to deal with the holiday expenses is to save a little each week throughout the year. Then, you can use this money for your holiday shopping without worrying that you’ll end up maxing out your credit cards. Set a budget for everything- your Christmas food bill, the bottles of wine you’ll take to holiday parties, all of the gifts for everyone you need to buy for etc. Stick to your budget and you’ll find that you don’t get that sick feeling in your stomach as soon as the holiday season is over.

Go for Secret Santa

If you have a large family, shopping for everyone can quickly get ridiculously expensive. That’s why it’s a good idea to do Secret Santa for adults- and that way you won’t end up with a bunch of chocolates and socks on Christmas morning.

Choose cheap traditions

We all have those traditions we do each year, but these can easily add up as well. If you’re trying to save, now’s the time to start some new traditions that will allow you to enjoy time together as a family without spending too much money. Go for a drive to see the Christmas lights, go ice skating, or bake some Christmas goodies. Find some fun, free activities and your kids will enjoy them just as much as long as you’re having fun too.

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